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The "Yuz" board is a closeup of Enyta and "yuz" means "face" in Turkish. Well, okay, it's not quite as close a closeup as some of the other boards... Okay, it's not really a closeup at all. But it's not a fullbody shot either, and I had to name it something! This is what we got, kids.

Enyta was a real trooper for this shoot. The walk to the location is about a mile and she had only gotten an hour of sleep the night before. Nevertheless, she proved to be a consummate professional and took it all in stride and the photosession went off without a hitch.

I was very excited to photograph the lovely Enyta, because she was one of the first models to agree to be a part of California Girls Skateboards. In the weeks leading up to our shoot, she was one of the most supportive and enthusiastic models I had approached. As you can see, her beauty is quite exotic too. With her Indian and Brazilian ancestry, you don't see any women who look remotely like Enyta.

We had a great time doing the shoot and all I can say boys is, yes, her body is amazing. My photos don't do her bod justice. You should see her in person. Whoa. Brick house all the way. Incredible. Seriously, buy her skateboard. You deserve to be that close to a chick that hot. Treat yourself. She's worth it.
photographed by Eric Muss-Barnes

  • 7-Ply Crossgrain 100% North American Maple
  • Made in San Jose, California
  • Medium Concave
  • Angled Nose & Tail
  • 7.25" to 8.5" Wide
  • 29" to 32.75" Long
  • 12" to 15" Wheelbase
  • 6.5" to 7" Nose
  • 6.125" to 6.75" Tail

With a board from California Girls Skateboards, you aren't stuck with just one size of deck for your graphics. In fact, you can choose to have any California Girl graphic printed on your choice of 8 different styles of skateboards - all of which are detailed below.

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Style Width  Length  Wheelbase  Nose    Tail   Description
Mini 7.25" 29" 12" 6.5" 6.125" Tiny popsicle sticks for groms and the kick-flippy little street urchins.
Mini 7.375" 30.25" 13" 6.625" 6.375"
Comp 7.75" 31.625" 14" 6.875" 6.5" Larger decks for more serious riders or skatepark terrain. We recommend the 8.5" for the best performance. The 8.5" is THE BEST in the lineup.
Comp 7.875" 31.625" 14" 6.875" 6.5"
Comp 8.125" 31.625" 14" 7" 6.375"
Comp 8.5" 32" 14.25" 7" 6.5"
Old School 7.125" 31.125" 13.875" 6.5" 6.5" 1970's California flashback shape with a pointed nose and tapered tail for gyrating down the boardwalk and head dippin' tube rides under the palm trees.
Old School 8.5" 32.75" 15" 6.875" 6.75" A little wider, a little longer, ideal for ramps, vert, ditches, and pools. This is the deck all of our graphics are designed to be used on. This size is THE BEST in the lineup.

don't you wish skateboards all could be California Girls?
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