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After you have your California Girls Skateboard, be sure to get the matching poster! Collect all the girls and decorate your walls into a Skateboarding Heaven, surrounded by our angelic girls who will take your breath away to paradise!... Okay, nevermind - that was kinda stupid and cheesy. But, seriously, get some posters. Every single one of our posters comes in multiple sizes. The "BUY NOW" price shown below is for the default 23"x34" poster. They are available larger and smaller too.

Seven types of high-quality media offer the perfect match for the image you choose. Most papers are available with archival inks, allowing the printed image to resist fading for 100+ years when cared for properly.

• 11"x16"
• 15"x22"
• 23"x34"
• 35"x52"
• UV-resistant archival inks
• Matte or Glossy
• Paper or Canvas
• Hundreds of frames & mats
• Made in 24 hours
• Custom Frames in 12 days

We have tons of shirts for dudes. Remember you may custom-design hundreds of shirts and jackets beyond what is shown on this page. For example, nearly every shirt comes in multiple sizes and colors.

Once you decide on the logo you like, you can change the color of the garment or the style on the ordering page. Cool, huh? So you aren't just stuck with one style of shirt for a graphic. You can totally modify your shirt the way you want it.

All clothing comes in up to 9 sizes and 11 different colors so you can customize and change the clothing into the exact shirt you need.

• Sizes up to 6XL
• Satisfaction Guaranteed
• No minimum
• Shirts starting at $12.95
• Organic styles available
• Personalize any shirt
• Up to 11 colors
• Up to 9 sizes
• Over 30 styles

Chicks dig clothes and we have a bazillion combinations of threads for the ladies. Most important of all - you are able to customize and alter the colors and styles of all the shirts and jackets and tanktops you see!

Girls, that means you can be sure to have a shirt that none of your girlfriends have! It's like you could make a California Girls Skateboards dress out of a bunch of California Girls Skateboards shirts and wear it to the prom! You'll be the only one with a California Girls Skateboards dress! Cool, huh?

(Dress Patterns Sold Separately)

• Sizes up to 2X
• Satisfaction Guaranteed
• No minimum
• Shirts starting at $12.95
• Organic styles available
• Personalize any shirt
• 10+ Colors
• 8+ Sizes
• 30+ Styles

Kids clothes are in high demand for skateboarding. I mean, you can't go around skating in your underwear, right? That would make road rash a heck of a lot worse, you know? So, there are countless combinations of California Girls Skateboards garb for the groms to sport at the skatepark.

Don't forget that you can customize and change the colors of shirts too. See a logo you dig on a t-shirt but want it on a sweatshirt instead? No problem. We can do that for you. Rather have the shirt in red instead of blue? Cool. We got you covered, man. Red it is.

Mix, match, and customize your shirt as much as you need.

• Sizes up to 6XL
• Satisfaction Guaranteed
• No minimum
• Shirts starting at $12.95
• Organic styles available
• Personalize any shirt
• 30+ Styles
• 450+ Combinations

Express yourself on your board, wall, laptop, or any surface you can think of with your own California Girls Skateboards bumper sticker. California Girls Skateboards bumper stickers have actually been deliberately designed to compliment the skateboard, and be used as the top-graphic on the deck. Clever idea, isn't it? See, the boards are all blank on the top - no California Girls Skateboards logo on there. But, you buy a fancy and inexpensive California Girls Skateboards bumper sticker, cut it down to fit the width of your board, slap it on there - BAM! - instant top-graphic. Sweet!

I guess if you have a car, you could actually use it as a normal bumper sticker too.

The round stickers come in 2 sizes also. You can get big 3" stickers or go with half that size and have a sheet of 1.5" stickers. The smaller stickers are great for putting on cats paws or taping your sisters eyelids closed when she's asleep. Just don't hurt the cat or your sister! And when you get caught, don't tell your parents where you got the idea. We will deny everything!

• No minimum order
• Save when you buy in bulk
• Round stickers are paper
• Easy to peel-and-stick
• Bumperstickers are vinyl
• Water/Fade resistant inks
• Use as top-graphic on boards

Our ceramic and stainless steel mugs are designed to keep your favorite beverages hot as you drink in style. Our new printing process will ensure that your colors will stay brilliant as you sip from your mug every day.

Wait. Mugs? Why the heck are we selling mugs? Skateboards are mostly used by kids. Kids don't need freakin' coffee mugs or steins.

Well, the mugs are kinda cool, actually. If you are an adult skater, what better way to show off some of your support for skateboarding than with a California Girls Skateboards mug on your office desk. Right? Then, when the cute office girl asks, "What is California Girls Skateboards?", you can say, "Oh, they are skateboards with pictures of pretty girls on them. Not nearly as pretty as you though."

Then, she'll smile and let you take her out to dinner. See? Having one of these mugs can score you a date with the cute office girl! You gotta buy one now!

Remember, you can also change the colors and styles on these mugs too. So, you're not just stuck with the styles and colors shown on this page. Once you go to the order form, you can customize like crazy. Have at it!

• Choose from 30 options
• Microwave/Dishwasher safe

don't you wish skateboards all could be California Girls?
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